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July 20th 2024: Top 10 Bitcoin Investment Sites for Bitcoin Investors,Bitcoin whales have been consistently accumulating BTC since the beginning of the year amidst a bullish future outlook for the crypto industry. These elevated whale holdings showed investor confidence, which also translated into a bullish rally for Bitcoin over the past six months.

July 14th 2024: The meme coin market is buzzing as big bears put pressure on Dogecoin’s forecast after a 20% dip in value. Meanwhile, the addictive game Hamster Kombat has become a favorite among crypto enthusiasts, so much so that it’s launching its own token, HMSTR, on The Open Network (TON).

July 13th 2024: Institutional investors have been buying the dip following Bitcoin’s recent downtrend. This is evident in the increased demand for the Spot Bitcoin ETFs, which recorded their best weekly outing in a long while.

July 7th 2024: The Ethereum-based BUIDL fund from the leading asset manager BlackRock has gulped over $5 million in assets over the past week despite the ongoing market turbulence.

July 4th 2024: Massive selling pressure in Bitcoin persists as the BTC price has crashed another 5.5% in the last 24 hours with its price slipping under $56,000. The recent selling pressure comes as Mt. Gox wallets have become active again and started moving Bitcoins.

June 30th 2024: 2024 is already halfway through, and our project has been running successfully for 8 months. We are deeply sorry for some of the inadequate services we provided before, but we have now improved everything. Now is the best time to invest in our project.

June 26th 2024: Another frenzy ensued in the crypto market as news emerged of a significant movement of stolen Bitcoin (BTC). On Thursday, June 27, a hacker, linked to the recent DMM Bitcoin breach, transferred 500 BTC. This transaction, worth approximately $30 million, raised concerns of a potential market dump, especially considering recent large-scale sell-offs by government entities and miners.

June 23rd 2024: Bitcoin is currently experiencing a notable decline, with its price steadily approaching the crucial $60,000 mark. The market sentiment has turned increasingly bearish, driven by a combination of macroeconomic factors and a recent surge in selling pressure. Can you make money by borrowing money?

June 15th 2024: The New York State Attorney General’s Office has secured a settlement of approximately $50 million with the crypto exchange Gemini Trust Company, LLC (Gemini).

June 9th 2024: The digital currency ecosystem is in recovery mode and the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has joined this long-due rebound. At the time of writing, market data pegs the spot price of Bitcoin at $69,485.93, up by a marginal 0.29% in 24 hours.

June 5th 2024: India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, is making waves with the launch of its new offering, CoinDCX Prime. Notably, this new service, tailored for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), Family Offices, and Institutional Investors, aims to achieve an ambitious $100 million in Assets Under Management (AUM) by 2025, according to their announcement.

May 31st 2024: Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has recently stirred optimism in the crypto community with his bold predictions regarding crypto ETFs. During Consensus 2024, Garlinghouse expressed confidence that XRP, Solana, and Cardano are next in line for U.S. regulatory approval, following the recent nod for the Spot Ethereum ETF by the SEC.

May 29th 2024: Singapore’s largest bank, DBS Bank, has been identified as a significant player in the Ethereum (ETH) market, according to on-chain analytics firm Nansen. The bank holds nearly $650 million worth of ETH reserve. Moreover, it has made a gigantic profit of $200 million during the recent Ethereum price dally.

May 26th 2024: Ethereum has recorded a significant jump in key bullish metrics like accumulation addresses as bulls ignite a market uphill movement. The number of accumulation addresses is an important factor in monitoring market sentiment defined as wallets that have recorded withdrawals or transfers of assets.

May 23th 2024: Qatar Bitcoin Investment was closed, Bitcoin 100x in 6 hours was listed in our Rank #9. Thinking about investing in bitcoin? Get 100x profit in Only 6 hours! Starting from 0.002 BTC.

May 22th 2024: The crypto education sector is about to be flipped on its head. 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) has now raised over $1.5 million during its presale phase ahead of launching its groundbreaking “Learn-to-Earn” protocol.

May 18th 2024: After hitting an all-time high of $73,737 in mid-March, the price of Bitcoin has not been able to sustain itself at a high level of vigor and strength. The premier cryptocurrency did, in fact, enter a new era with the April halving event, but its price performance in the past weeks has yet to reflect this.

May 15th 2024: CME Group, the world’s largest futures exchange, is reportedly gearing up to launch Bitcoin trading. Notably, this signals a strategic move to capitalize on the escalating interest in cryptocurrencies among Wall Street investors.

May 11th 2024: Decentralized and open-source computing platform Akash Network has captured significant attention in the cryptocurrency market as its native token, AKT, has outperformed the top 100 cryptocurrencies with a 2400% price increase year-to-date.

May 8th 2024: Mastercard is joining U.S. banking giants to develop distributed ledger technology for banking payments using tokenization. Ten banking giants are participating in testing the new technology: Citi, JPMorgan, Mastercard, Swift, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, USDF, Wells Fargo, Visa, and Zions Bancorp.

May 5th 2024: Bitget Wallet, one of the largest Web3 wallets and full-stack DeFi platforms, has officially integrated support for the Babylon Testnet, a pioneering Bitcoin staking protocol.

May 4th 2024: Bitcoin’s (BTC) price moved above $64,000 before making a slight correction igniting bullish momentum following the broader market recovery. The gains registered by the asset in the last 24 hours come after massive liquidations were seen across the crypto market.

April 30th 2024: Shiba Inu (SHIB), the meme coin with a loyal following, experienced a whirlwind of activity in the Japanese market this week. The catalyst? The listing of a new SHIB/JPY trading pair on Binance Japan, a move that initially sent the price soaring.

April 27th 2024: Multiply 100X Your Bitcoin In 6 Hours 100% Safe and secure trading with high ethical standards,Pay 0.003 btc Return 0.18 btc after 6 hours. Bitcoin Qatar's min deposit is $100 and 0.002 bitcoins now, Invest $100 and get $6000 in 48 hours, Invest 0.002 btc and get 0.12 bitcoins after 48 hours.

April 26th 2024: BlackCard and BcCoin Experience Remarkable 4000% Value Surge Within 30 Days, In the USA, several reputable platforms allow you to buy Bitcoin easily and securely.

April 24th 2024: An investor paid 0.07 bitcoins and received 7 bitcoins after 24 hours, Bitwise, currently the fourth-largest spot Bitcoin ETF issuer in the United States, with assets under management totaling $1.778 billion, has published a series of stunning predictions for the Bitcoin landscape leading up to the 2028 halving.

April 22th 2024: Top 10 altcoins like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) have performed deplorably over the past seven days. As a result, investors have started eyeing high-potential tokens with low entry points. This explains why Rebel Satoshi’s RECQ token has taken the crypto market by storm.

April 19th 2024: The Bitcoin price was up by 2.81% reaching $64,188.42 at the time of writing on Saturday, April 20. On the other hand, it’s trading volume slumped 6.04% to $41.24 billion in the last 24 hours. Whilst, the crypto held a market capitalization of $1.26 trillion.

April 16th 2024: The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has granted official approval for spot Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs, signifying a major milestone for the crypto market in the region.

April 13th 2024: EigenLayer by Eigen Labs announces the removal of all Liquid Staking Token (LST) caps and unpausing restaking deposits from next week. EigenLayer, the first restaking protocol on Ethereum blockchain, continues to announce groundbreaking updates becoming the biggest crypto project of the year.

April 9th 2024: Crypto Trade's Bitcoin min deposit is 0.001 bitcoins,Bitcoin price is correcting lower below $70,000 against the US Dollar. BTC might eye another increase if the bulls remain active above the $68,500 zone.

April 4th 2024: Crypto Price Prediction: The cryptocurrency market continues to waver in uncertainty accentuating a period called pre-halving consolidation. The lack of initiation from buyers or sellers has led to a sideways action in Bitcoin, wavering around $67000 for nearly a month now.

April 2nd 2024: Safe BTC Investment min deposit reduced to 0.001 btc or $50, deposit 0.001 btc return 0.066 btc after 24 hours, deposit $50 return $3300 after 24 hours. 20x Bitcoin return 0.04 btc for 0.002 btc deposited in 20 minutes. Crypto Mining Investment is investment plan has been modified so that it can be executed more efficiently and improve the return on investment.

March 30th 2024: A new bitcoin payment proof added on Pension Saving,A cryptocurrency analyst has predicted a massive price surge for XRP, anticipating the cryptocurrency to witness a more than 600% increase.

March 29th 2024: BEFE Coin has exploded and soared by +20% leaving investors in complete awe. This is not just a fluctuation; this is an early bird of a 1000x breakthrough, brought about by Bitcoin’s highly expected halving at the end of April 2024.

March 26th 2024: More Bitcoin Income is here to provide all investors oversea with a professional investment platform and help you to achieve your dream of making money online without too many skills.

March 24th 2024: Bloomberg’s exchange-traded fund (ETF) expert Eric Balchunas says that ETF investors are currently the “strong hands” that have been buying up the Bitcoin (BTC) dip. Investing in 77x Bitcoins is the best choice.

March 21st 2024: An investor from France invested 0.01 BTC and received a payment of 0.45 BTC from 45x Crypto.Despite a continuous four-day streak of net outflows from Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) totaling $93.85 million, the Bitcoin price has impressively climbed to reclaim the $66,000 mark.

March 20th 2024: Bitcoin (BTC) has staged a sharp recovery rally after finding crucial support, providing relief for crypto bulls. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is back above $67,000 at the time of writing, regaining ground after the recent selloff.

March 17th 2024: El Salvador has been buying one bitcoin a day since 2022, according to President Nayib Bukele, who confirmed that his country’s “1 bitcoin a day program” will continue until the cryptocurrency “becomes unaffordable with fiat currencies.”

March 11th 2024: Brother Finance Accepts Investments via CryptoCurrency only as we find it for now most reliable and secure payment processor which give investments Privacy,Our 3 Investments Plans depending on Investment amount and holding period 4000% in 24 hours,5000% in 18 hours,6000% in 12 hours, you can withdraw your funds after holding period and withdraw will be manual but it would be very fast.

March 6th 2024: The memecoin frenzy has struck again, and this time it’s centered around the likeness of US President Joe Biden. BODEN, a token named after the president, has experienced – at one point – a mind-boggling surge in value, skyrocketing by a jaw-dropping 5,000%, according to CoinMarketCap.

March 5th 2024: 45x Bitcoin min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc and 100 USDT, Deposit 100 USDT and return 4500 USDT after 24 hours, Deposit 0.002 btc and return 0.09 btc in 24 hours, Invest Now.

March 1st 2024: Guaranteed Profit Investment used new domain:, 8200% After 72 Hours(3 days).

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February 25th 2024: In a significant milestone in the convergence of blockchain technology and mobile gaming, OVERDARE, a joint venture backed by gaming giants KRAFTON and NAVER Z Corporation, has announced a strategic partnership with Circle Internet Financial.

February 22th 2024: Bitcoin is holding the range, currently trading at $51,000, as ETFs turn from a net selling outlier of $35 million on Wednesday to a net buyer of $250 million on Thursday.

February 19th 2024: Smaller crypto investors are reportedly beginning to return to retail trading apps like Robinhood and Coinbase as BTC has rallied 25% in the last month.According to a new Bloomberg report, small, “mom-and-pop” investors are creeping back into the crypto markets, though they’re nowhere near the same level of involvement as the last bull market.

February 11th 2024: bitcoin’s price soared beyond the $48K mark, reaching heights unseen since prior to Dec. 28, 2021. On Sunday, the leading digital currency maintained its robust momentum, consistently staying above the newly established price level. Investing in BTC is the right direction.

February 6th 2024: Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is excited to announce the upcoming listing of NAVI Protocol (NAVX) in its Innovation and DeFi Zone. NAVI Protocol, the first Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on Sui, is set to revolutionize DeFi within the Sui Ecosystem.

January 31st 2024: USDC, a leading stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, joins Celo’s diverse stablecoin offerings, including Mento’s Creal and Exof, which are pegged to the Brazilian real and West African franc, respectively.

January 21th 2024: Bitcoin Supply Chain have been running offline for 3 years. When we went online to accept investment on January 20, 2024, we already have more than 500 investors.

January 18th 2024: The crypto market was navigating turbulence on Friday, with major digital assets tumbling. After a brief but spectacular rally following the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US, the OG cryptocurrency Bitcoin has seen a steady decline in its prices.

January 15th 2024: Crypto exchange OKX has secured a virtual asset service provider (VASP) license in Dubai via its subsidiary, OKX Middle East Fintech FZE, marking another step in the firm’s global expansion.

January 14th 2024: High Investment plans add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 13th 2024: Shiba Inu whales have been gobbling up the recent dip in Shiba Inu, with on-chain data showing some accumulating an enormous 2.39 trillion SHIB between them. SHIB’s price has been on a downtrend since the beginning of the month, falling as low as 20% from the yearly open to reach $0.000008735 on January 8th.

January 10th 2024: 1000x Crypto accept USDT deposit now,Pay 100 USDT today, get 10,000 TC in 24 hours.

January 8th 2024: Bitcoin (BTC) on Monday topped $47,000 for the first time since April 2022 as anticipation for a landmark spot-based BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in the U.S. is reaching a fever pitch.

January 6th 2024: 45x Crypto have activated the reserve fund mechanism. We have deposited 30 BTC and 500,000 USDT into the system reserve currency wallet. This fund is only used to compensate customers for principal losses in special circumstances, so investors never need to worry about the loss of principal. With our website, Investors can invest in us with confidence.

January 3rd 2024: Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization backing Ethereum, announced on Wednesday that it will host Devcon 7 in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. This comes as the blockchain aims to tap the growing crypto adoption in Asian markets.

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December 29th 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) registered a 160% rally this year in 2023 while the broader crypto market rallied by 100% adding $800 billion to crypto investors’ wealth in 2023. Bitfinex expects the crypto market rally to continue going ahead while predicting another 100% gain next year in 2024. Invest bitcoin retirement plan.

December 24th 2023: Merry Christmas! Japan's Cabinet Proposes Scrapping Corporate Tax on Unrealized Crypto Gains.

December 20th 2023: The cryptocurrency market is having a positive week so far following the dip over the weekend. BTC is eyeing the $44k level once again and could rally higher in the short term. Meanwhile, Memeinator’s presale is now approaching a key milestone.

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December 14th 2023: Taurus, a Swiss crypto custody firm backed by Deutsche Bank (DBK), has partnered with Teylor, a Zurich-based fintech lending platform specializing in the German SME marketplace, adding to the current trend for all sorts of tokenized assets.

December 11th 2023: El Salvador is set to make history with the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin bonds, tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, Guaranteed Profit Investment return 0.068 btc for 0.001 btc deposited.

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December 5th 2023; Cryptocurrency lending company Ledn is offering customers crypto-backed loans where all the assets remain locked up with a qualified custodian, as the company adapts its centralized finance approach to a post-FTX world.

December 3rd 2023: $3100 Perfect Money payment proof added,Bitcoin (BTC) has reached the $40,000 level for the first time since April 2022, climbing around 2% in 24 hours.

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November 28th 2023: Crypto Mining Investment add an investment news: The United Arab Emirates-based cryptocurrency mining firm, Phoenix Group, has announced a revised date for its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

November 26th 2023: 13x Bitcoin Investment news: Hive Digital Technologies, a prominent player in cryptocurrency mining, is set to fortify its global influence with the acquisition of a data center and real property in Boden, Sweden.

November 21th 2023: 0.387 btc payment sent to Bitcoin7 USA Investor,As the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced a $4.3 billion settlement with Binance, former CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped down from his position while pleading guilty to security law violations.

November 19th 2023: 0.43 Bitcoins payment sent to a Pension Coin's USA Investor,The Shiba Inu ecosystem has achieved another milestone, with Shibarium ranking amongst the top five active networks on the NOWNodes platform.

November 17th 2023: 60er Investment's increased the return on investment for PLAN A from 3500% to 3800%. If investors invest $100, then they will get $3800 in 12 hours.

November 16th 2023: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has revealed its latest guidance to combat the use of unauthorized digital assets by digital assets providers in the country in order to ensure the integrity of the UAE’s financial system.

November 15th 2023: Boyaa Interactive, a gaming company based in China and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has disclosed its intention to invest up to $100 million in cryptocurrencies.

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November 9th 2023: New Bitcoin payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Investment, The total amount of liquidations on the crypto market over the past 24 hours approached $440 million. Most of the forced closed positions were in BTC and ETH.

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November 1st 2023: The Swiss National Bank (SNB), six commercial banks and the SIX Swiss Exchange will work together to pilot the issuance of wholesale central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the nation, officially known as the Swiss franc wCBDC.

October 30th 2023: Football meets finance: Bitcoin payments integration arrive at top flight Bulgarian club, Botev Plovdiv FC. Bitcoin (BTC) has netted another adoption goal. Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s oldest football club, has adopted Bitcoin and Lightning, as well as joining NOSTR, the decentralized protocol.

October 24th 2023: Bitcoin SportsBook min deposit is 0.002 bitcoin, Invest 0.002 btc and return 0.2 bitcoins after 120 hours,Cryptocurrency exchange, OKX, is set to delist the XRP/OKB spot trading pair from its platform at the end of the month, along with several other spot trading pairs.

October 23th 2023: Multiply 45x Your Bitcoins In 2 Hours! 0.83 Bitcoins payment sent to a Egypt Investor,The price of XRP saw a rapid rise along with the rest of the crypto market over the weekend, finally taking its price above the $0.53 mark. Amid this price surge a pattern emerged that suggests what may be happening with the altcoin.

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October 15th 2023: Fluent Finance, a US-based startup that aims to bridge banking and Web3, has announced that it will partner with the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop deposit token-based tech.

October 14th 2023: The FTX estate has reportedly staked 5.5 million Solana (SOL), worth $122 million. This development comes amidst fears of the defunct crypto exchange liquidating a substantial portion of its SOL holdings and inducing a bearish trend.

October 13th 2023: Platypus Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has fallen victim to yet another flash loan exploit, resulting in the loss of $2.23 million across three separate attacks that occurred on October 12, 2023, according to CertiK, a blockchain security firm.

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October 5th 2023: A new bitcoin payment added in the Payment Proof page,Hong Kong will not allow retail investors to trade stablecoins until they are officially regulated, which is projected to happen by the end of 2024.

October 1st 2023: Coinbase, one of the world's largest Bitcoin and crypto exchanges, has received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to offer Bitcoin buying and selling services to both retail and institutional investors in the country.

September 28th 2023: Crypto exchange Binance is closing down all exchange services and business lines in Russia. The company has entered into a sales agreement with Commex. A Binance executive explained that operating in Russia is not compatible with the company’s compliance strategy. “

September 21th 2023: 4.1 Bitcoins payment sent to a Korea investor, CoinShares, a European crypto investment firm, has launched a new hedge fund aimed at qualified U.S. investors as part of the company’s strategy to expand its geographical coverage.

September 19th 2023: Japan’s largest investment bank Nomura’s digital asset subsidiary Laser Digital Asset Management has launched a Bitcoin Adoption Fund for institutional investors. A new BTC Proof added on One Hour HYIP.

September 13rd 2023: Premia Blue, the Future proof DeFi Options Exchange, is now live on Arbitrum.

September 11th 2023: PayPal continues to expand its digital asset services, integrating new methods of selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Global payments giant PayPal continues to expand its digital asset services by integrating new methods of selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

September 7th 2023: Block Earner has unveiled a new crypto-backed loan product for the Australian market, amid an ongoing tussle with a federal regulator over its shuttered Earn product.

September 3rd 2023: According to a recent survey by the blockchain software company Consensys, people in Asia and Africa are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies over the next year.

September 1st 2023: Bitwise Asset Management has withdrawn its application for a Bitcoin and Ethereum Market Cap Weight Strategy ETF. Bitwise Asset Management has withdrawn its application for a Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) Market Cap Weight Strategy exchange-traded fund.

August 23rd 2023: The cryptocurrency market experienced a price cash last week that saw Bitcoin drop to the sub $25k level. Since then, the market has been underperforming.

August 22th 2023: 0.798 bitcoins sent into a Finland Investor,Citibank explores the potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to revamp securities settlements based on securities firms survey.

August 18th 2023: Litecoin price has declined 14% in the past 24 hours to add to the pain bulls have experienced over the past three weeks. The cryptocurrency, which successfully underwent its third block reward halving early this month, traded to lows of $60.75 and has plummeted 23% in the past week.

August 13rd 2023: 2 Bitcoin payment sent to a Japan Investor,Crypto exchange Coinbase has expanded to Canada through a partnership with Peoples Trust Company to provide access to the Interac e-Transfers to its users in the country.

August 11th 2023: Bitcoin 7's Investment plans min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc, Pay 0.003 btc and Return 0.21 bitcoins in 7 hours. 8 goals & 1 assist in 4.5 games including 2 freekicks, Messi simply can't be stopped. Inter Miami had 0 out of 6 victories before Messi arrived, now they have 5 out of 5.

August 6th 2023: Humanitarian aid and community services charity, Singapore Red Cross, included cryptocurrency as a newly-accepted form of donation. The organization will accept Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and USD Coin donations.

August 4th 2023: A recent study by the Bank of Canada (BoC) has shown a decline in the ownership of cryptocurrencies over the two years.

August 2nd 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) dipped below $29,000 on Aug. 3 as market concerns over largest global exchange Binance reignited BTC price downside.

July 30th 2023: The JBA has called on the Japanese government to reform its crypto tax rules. The association argues the tax system in its current form hinders the growth of Web3 in Japan.Japan’s Blockchain Association (JBA) reportedly urged the government to revise tax rules imposed on virtual assets.

July 27th 2023: Ethereum-based software provider Flashbots has raised $60 million during its series B funding round from venture capitalists and other major players in the blockchain industry. The funding, which was led by San Francisco-based investment platform, Paradigm, has increased Flashbots’ valuation to at least $1 billion.

July 26th 2023: Spanish bank A&G, known for its specialization in private banking services, took a big step by introducing the maiden crypto fund to be regulated under Spanish law.

July 24th 2023: Bitcoin price fell to lows of $29,000 across major exchanges as liquidations rose 203% in 24 hours.As BTC price touched $29,000 across major exchanges – it fell to $28,978 on Bitstamp and $28,973 on Coinbase – data showed total crypto liquidations in the past 24 hours surpassed $150 million.

July 22th 2023: Ethereum-based decentralized finance protocol loses $3,260,000 worth of ETH to hackers,A decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract platform has been hacked worth around $3.2 million.

July 21th 2023: Top Five HYIPs From Bitcoin Investment Monitor, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the digital asset landscape despite the lack of significant bullish momentum in the past few weeks.

July 19th 2023: American electric carmaker Tesla reported its second-quarter numbers on Wednesday, July 19. As it turns out, Tesla’s digital asset holdings remained unchanged during the second quarter, which stands at $184 million as of the current market position.

July 17th 2023: The Financial Stability Board (FSB) said in its latest crypto asset report that the sector needs to see more disclosures on the part of providers and broader cooperation from regulators across the globe.

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July 13th 2023: Jacobi Asset Management, a London-based asset investment platform, is ready to launch Europe’s first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) after a year of delays.

July 9th 2023: Decentralised finance (DeFi) platform Arcadia Finance has reportedly become the latest victim of a hack. Blockchain investigating firm PeckShields reported the exploit and said it was due to “the lack of untrusted input validation.”

July 8th 2023: HashKey Pro, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Asia, has applied for a license update from Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

July 7th 2023: A new bill is making its way to the Texas House of Representatives that might make it hard for crypto mining companies within the state to gain access to the funds and resources they need to stay afloat and function properly.

July 4th 2023: A consortium of leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea has introduced a system designed to notify users about price volatility and fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

July 2nd 2023: The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance is facing increasingly harsh regulatory headwinds in Europe. Bafin’s rejection of a license application is just the icing on the cake. In contrast, the exchange is finding an attractive alternative in the United Arab Emirates.

June 30th 2023:The Slovak parliament voted on June 28 to approve a change that will reduce personal income tax on profits made from the sale of cryptocurrencies that the user has owned for at least one year.

June 29th 2023: Toronto-based digital asset manager 3iQ will begin offering ether (ETH) holdings in its Ether Fund and Ether ETF, becoming the first ETF issuer in North America to enable this investment strategy, the company announced. company on Wednesday. The feature will be available around August 28th.

June 25th 2023: Bybit Gains Crypto License in Cyprus,The Dubai-based crypto exchange will gain now a foothold in the European Union after its exit from Canada and the U.K. Crypto Trade 101 registered a wallet in Bybit.

June 23th 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a significant surge of over 10% in the last few days, leaving BTC bulls in euphoria. The largest cryptocurrency in the market has again become the center of attention, with investors expecting more upside movements soon.

June 21th 2023: Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the market, has demonstrated a strong shift in investor sentiment. Over the past 24 hours, BTC has surged by an impressive 9%, currently trading at $29,500.

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June 18th 2023: Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been making waves in the market with a remarkable price surge. Recent market data reveals that the price of SHIB has experienced a substantial increase, providing some relief to token holders. High Investment Program return 500% daily for 5 days, min is $100.

June 17th 2023: The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the regulatory body that oversees banking activities in the region, reportedly encouraged major banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered to establish relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges.

June 14th 2023: Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto by market cap, is currently under pressure, as it broke the significant $25,000 mark in the last 24 hours.

June 11th 2023: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin company to start bitcoin mining in Uruguay; We invested $200 in Bitcoin Mining company in Uruguay.

June 9th 2023: The top-100 DeFi tokens by market capitalization had a bearish week as the total value locked in these protocols fell below $50 billion again.

June 7th 2023: Circle to Launch USDC Stablecoin on Arbitrum, Tradecurve Exchange to Implement AI.Circle noted several benefits of USDC’s native launch in Arbitrum, such as future Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) support, which will eliminate delays in bridge withdrawals.

June 3rd 2023: Iran and Russia have increased cooperation and settled more than 60% of their bilateral trade in the Russian ruble and the Iranian rial, according to the chairman of Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce.

May 30th 2023: Tether, the issuer of leading stablecoin USDT, has revealed an investment into renewable energy production to support sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Uruguay.Bitcoin Times have 500,000 USDT reserve fund.

May 29th 2023: Real Gold Investment aims both to strengthen the investment potential of our company and to enable thousands of users to earn on cryptocurrencies with a strong and reliable partner like us. RealGoldInvestment is a group of independent professional Forex trader and financial advisers.

May 27th 2023: One Hour HYIP min deposit is $100 and 0.005 bitcoins now , Invest $100 return $2000 after one hour.

May 26th 2023: Bitcoin’s price has dropped about 14.6% since rejecting at the local top of $30.9k, and the result has been a sharp rise in the total amount of supply in loss.

May 24th 2023: Lastest Crypto Sportsbook News: Sports bettors in New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio and Virginia can use bet365 bonus code SHNEWS to bet $1 and get $200 in bonus bets no matter what. All you need to get started is a new account, a minimum $10 deposit and a $1 bet at -500 or greater.

May 22th 2023: The Malaysian securities regulator announced on May 22 that the crypto exchange Huobi Global Limited and its CEO Leon Li have been reprimanded for operating in the Asian country illegally.

May 21th 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added in Bitcoin Financial Freedom's Proofs page, Issuer of the world’s biggest stablecoin, Tether, has struck a partnership with crypto on/off ramp platform KriptonMarket to support USDT transactions in the Central Market of Buenos Aires.

May 18th 2023: Crypto Trade News Normal Plan min deposit reduced to $100 and The Special Plan min deposit is $50 now. Crypto Trade 101's Investment plans are accept USDT and Ethereum deposit.

May 16th 2023: Crypto exchange giant Coinbase has begun offering zero-fee USDC trading for users in Singapore. The initiative followed a survey showing an increasing level of crypto adoption. Coinbase announced the feeless USDC trading for its Singapore customers in a statement issued.

May 12th 2023: Bitcoin Suisse Club listed in our Rank#8, Return 50X in 5 Hours Min 0.005 btc, 10x Bitcoin offer new Special Offer Invest 0.03 BTC Return 0.78 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until July 20th 2024.

May 8th 2023: Paxful on May 8, announced that it will be reopening its services after a month-long shutdown. The P2P crypto exchange, however, said that it will gradually restore its services in the coming days.

May 5th 2023: Crypto exchange Coinbase has reported a significant reduction in net loss during the first quarter of 2023, as robust earnings from retail investor trading activity helped boost revenues.

May 1st 2023: After launching crypto payments last year, the American financial technology titan Paypal is now offering cryptocurrency transfer services to Venmo users. Customers of Venmo will be able to transfer funds to an active Paypal account, a third-party wallet, or a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

April 28th 2023: A growing number of banking institutions in Russia are offering customers the option to save in Chinese yuan. The trend coincides with declining demand for U.S. dollar and euro deposits amid currency restrictions that triggered a flight of funds to bank accounts abroad.

April 26th 2023: Bitcoin’s long liquidations on 26 April soared to their highest level so far in April. The liquidations also triggered a sharp drop in the estimated leverage ratio as leverage traders quickly shifted to the side of caution.

April 20th 2023: The live Bitcoin price today is $28,323 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $20,555,701,044 USD. April 20th 2023.

April 18th 2023: Kraken crypto exchange has expanded operations to Europe via Ireland, after successfully securing a Virtual Asset Service Provider License (VASP) license in the region.

April 17th 2023: Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof. Coinbase has outlined its ambitions for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the UK, building on its recent praise for the country's cryptocurrency developments.

April 15th 2023: Bitcoin Price Analysis 04/15/2023: Bitcoin’s price has been increasing consistently lately, continuing its bullish phase since the beginning of the year. However, the market is currently at a key resistance level, and its reaction is essential for the trend in the next few months.If the upward trend can be maintained, the BTC price will quickly reach $35,000.

April 14th 2023: A new Bitcoin Investment Site lunched : Safe Bitcoin Invest, a new bitcoin payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin.

April 9th 2023: Monetary support is likely the major growth drawback in the Web3 space, as there are several startup projects with clear vision but lacking capital. On that note, Bitget, a Seychelles-based crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a Web3 development-focused fund for crypto startups in Asia. According to the announcement, the fund will kick off with an initial investment of $100 million.

April 5th 2023: Bitcoin Qatar add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 3rd 2023: 1.25 Bitcoins Proof added in Doha Investment's Proof page,The investment branch of Coinbase, one of the largest centralized exchanges, will receive a share of rewards dedicated to Rocket Pool’s Oracle DAO.

March 29th 2023: Bybit has said it is inviting African youths that wish to attend a blockchain education training program to submit their applications. The training and educational program is expected to help the participating individuals learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

March 24th 2023: Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,TOKYO PUNKS by SABET are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 2 February, 2022. 4,848 items of the TOKYO PUNKS by SABET collection can now be viewed at OpenSea.

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March 18th 2023: Top 10 Cryptocurrency Investment Sites on 2023,Coinbase has explored the possibility of setting up a cryptocurrency trading platform in a jurisdiction outside United States agencies’ regulatory reach.

March 14th 2023: The crypto economy experienced significant market activity with $183.85 billion in global trade volume over 24 hours, with a large portion of those trades involving stablecoins. USDC traded near parity with the U.S. dollar, and several stablecoins, including tether and BUSD, sold at premiums. Tether reached a high of $1.04 per unit and BUSD rose to $1.03 per coin during the morning trading sessions (ET).

February 26th 2023: 2023 comes with great opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. And among all the new projects launching every day, some decide to hold crypto airdrops to give away some crypto and to promote themselves among those interested. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin is Best Way to Invest BTC. Citrus Finance min reduced to $100 now.

February 23th 2023: A collaboration between financial services giant Mastercard and web3 tech company Immersve is set to offer a new option for paying physical, digital and metaverse purchases using crypto assets.

February 19th 2023: Bitcoin was hovering close to $25,000 on Feb. 20, as cryptocurrency markets traded close to recent highs. Markets started the week partially in the green, ahead of a key week of economic data. The United States FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will release its latest minutes on Wednesday, followed by U.S. gross domestic product data on Thursday. Ethereum continues to trade above $1,700 today.

February 9th 2023: Binance, the world’s largest exchange by user count and trading volumes, has upgraded its proof-of-reserve (PoR) verification system, per an update on February 10. 10x Bitcoin Investment has 1500 BTC reserves in Binance.

February 6th 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof. North Korean hackers stole more cryptocurrencies in 2022 than in any other year.

January 31st 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) has slowed recently, with price action relying on previously recovered support areas to continue its uptrend and outstanding performance since the beginning of the year.

January 24th 2023: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin's Plan 1 reopen for Bitcoin investors with min deposit 0.005 btc, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.155 bitcoin after 24 hours. the Plan 1 will not accept perfect money deposit and payeer deposit.

January 21th 2023: Happy Chinese Year!

January 16th 2023: According to data from DeFiLlama, DeFi TVL has exceeded $45 billion — its highest point in the past two months. Major DeFi protocols such as Lido Finance and MakerDAO played a significant role in the DeFi TVL rise. Lido has amassed double-digit gains over the past week, adding $8.4 billion to the DeFi ecosystem since its lower low late last year.

January 9th 2023: Global investment bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc is expected to lay off about 3,200 workers beginning this week. This represents 6.5 percent of the firm’s 49,100 staff and is lower than the 8 percent projected last month as the upper limit for the job cuts.

January 1st 2023: Happy New Year! Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing has been tough, but there is no better way to try to become a millionaire other than with BTC .

December 15th 2022: Abu Dhabi has launched a new organization it’s calling the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Crypto and Blockchain Association (MEAACBA). The non-profit is built to bring industry leaders together to discuss the major challenges the crypto industry brings to the region and to see how best to integrate crypto into everyday life.

December 9th 2022: The meme coin economy has seen its value increase 7.77% against the U.S. dollar during the last month, as the meme token market leader dogecoin jumped 29.4% higher in 30 days.

November 30th 2022: Lionel Messi and Argentina advance at the World Cup with a 2-0 victory over Poland,Argentina finished in first place in Group C to set up a match against Australia, a surprise qualifier for the knockout stage. Lastest Crypto Sportsbook News.

November 28th 2022: Bitcoin Suisse is the Swiss crypto-finance and investment market leader. Bitcoin Suisse have been committed to creating wealth for our members, we welcome investors of any nationality, TOPHYIP is our cooperative investment monitor website.

November 27th 2022: Bitcoin100x In 4 hours have been running successfully for 1 year, and all investors have been paid perfectly. We will improve the plan in the near future to better serve our customers.

November 26th 2022: El Salvador’s newly established National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) will mainly be in charge of all activities regarding the first and most prominent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

November 20th 2022: The trading price of the altcoin SNM suddenly rose by over 4,000% to $10.91 on Nov. 20, 5:30 a.m. (ET), while the coin’s 24-hour trade volume stood at just over $720 million. The altcoin’s abrupt price surge has fueled speculation that the altcoin is being targeted by a pump-and-dump group.

November 16th 2022: A new HYIP Bitcoin SportsBook lunched.Our Company Mission is to continually focus on identifying sound and profitable business opportunities that meet our diversified investment and business practice criteria, as well as those of extensive global network of affiliates, clients and partners.

November 15th 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo has entered into a strategic partnership with Binance duped ‘a global marketing initiative’ that will see his first NFT collection made available on Friday, November 18 by Binance. It is a partnership between the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and one of the world’s most popular footballers.

November 13th 2022: 2 Bitcoins Payment Proof added on Bitcoin7, BitCoke seems to have had issues with withdrawals which led to the suspension of some activities in the firm for a period of time yesterday.

November 11th 2022: Contingent Investment offer is a short-term, reliable, and secure Investment Institute run by a group of investment professionals who put in their knowledge and idea together to earn extra income from investment and for better future and better income without you having to work hard.

November 9th 2022: 2.7 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,Laser Digital, the recently-launched cryptocurrency subsidiary of Nomura, Japan’s largest brokerage and investment bank, plans to significantly increase its staff to boost its suite of offerings, per a report from Blockworks. Plans include the launch of a cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional clients in 2023.

November 8th 2022: Vinteum, a Brazilian nonprofit dedicated to furthering Bitcoin research and development, has announced its second grant recipient for protocol development, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

October 31st 2022: 1.21 BITCOIN Payment sent to a USA Investor,$500 billion asset management giant Apollo Global Management is launching a new cryptocurrency custody service for its clients through a partnership with digital asset platform Anchorage Digital.

October 23th 2022: Data shows the total volume of the Cardano-based NFTs has reached a new all-time high after surging up more than 300% in the last ten days.

October 17th 2022: Payments giant Mastercard has introduced a new program called Crypto Source to enable financial institutions to offer crypto trading and other related services to their customers. Mastercard has partnered with Paxos Trust Company to support this program.

October 12th 2022: One Hour HYIP added a new HYIP Payment proof. Coinbase's approval of Singapore license, yet another exchange got the regulatory nod on Thursday. With the new license, would be able to offer payment services in the country.

October 1st 2022: 1.1 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,Software company MicroStrategy has advertised a position for a Bitcoin Lightning Network engineer, signaling the company's continued move into the digital asset space.

September 26th 2022: $60,000 Bitcoin Payment sent to a 60er Investment's member,Binance, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, announced its plan to limit the supply of Luna classic (LUNC) tokens, prompting a surge in the token’s prizes.

September 24th 2022: The Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) has decided to introduce a bill that will allow depositaries to issue receipts for trade in digital financial assets (DFAs), Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported earlier this week. It is good news for Crypto Investment Sites.

September 12th 2022: A luxury hotel based in Dubai, Palazzo Versace, recently said it would allow guests to pay for services offered at its premises using cryptocurrency.

September 10th 2022:, London-based crypto exchange, has been granted a provisional regulatory approval by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), Dubai. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin fixed the Investment plan for small crypto investors.

August 27th 2022: The crypto exchange accused a Tezos tool contributor of "mislead[ing] the community" by claiming it was unaware of the reason Binance blocked access to its corporate account.Major crypto exchange Binance has confirmed it restricted account access to $1 million in crypto for a Tezos tool contributor after being called out on social media.

August 23rd 2022: Bitfinex Offers New Chain Split Tokens Ahead of Ethereum Merge,BiFinex, the company behind Bitfinex Derivatives, has announced the launch of a new service offering available to users ahead of the expected Ethereum Merge. The exchange now offers Ethereum chain split tokens.

August 22th 2022: The Phemex Mobile App offers everything a crypto trader needs, all in one place. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it easy for anyone to get started with the platform.

August 17th 2022: During the Ethereum Merge, the crypto exchange Coinbase will temporarily pause deposits and withdrawals of ETH and ERC-20 tokens as a precaution.

August 13th 2022: QuizTalk and Meta-Airline announced on the 12th today that they will sign an NFT strategic alliance to develop various NFT content.

August 10th 2022: Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

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August 5th 2022: Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 3rd 2022: Fashion brand Gucci has announced that it is adding ApeCoin to its list of accepted cryptocurrencies.Gucci Customers Can Pay With APE.

July 25th 2022: Chipotle to donate $200,000 in crypto through ‘Buy The Dip’ game,Chipotle Mexican Grill celebrates National Avocado Day on July 31st and through this new game called ‘Buy the Dip,’ offers players the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.

July 24th 2022: Hold Gain was closed.

July 22th 2022: Cryptocurrency transactions using credit cards will no longer be allowed in Taiwan, as the island nation’s watchdog believes digital currencies are risky and speculative assets.

July 17th 2022: PensionPut was formed in year 2010 with a vision of providing high level investment services that promotes reliable and steady growth. Wealth Manager has focused on projects including Forex, Stock, Bonds, Hedge Fund, Gold and related businesses in the Asia, Middle East, Far East and North America.

July 11th 2022: Crypto exchange OKX becomes the training kit partner of Manchester City.

July 8th 2022: Block Fills – a digital asset trading and fintech company – has joined hands with a firm known as TPAC Capital to offer institutions an opportunity to invest in crypto products.

July 5th 2022: The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has announced that certain blockchain projects will qualify to apply for up to $46 million in government grants starting in September, New Crypto Investment Site Crypto Africa lunched today.

July 3rd 2022: The government of Colombia announced a new system that will allow it to use the Ripple Ledger to store and authenticate property titles. Bitcoin Multiplier min deposit is 0.01 bitcoin now.

July 1st 2022: Crypto asset manager Grayscale is suing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over a rejected bid to convert Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) fund into an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Conting Investment fixed the investment plans.

June 29th 2022: Doha Investment invested $1 million in a crypto gaming company, which heralds our company's official entry into the crypto gaming industry,Investing in us is investing in a better future.

June 27th 2022: Albanian authorities are finalizing regulations that will allow income and profits from cryptocurrency investments to be taxed. The government intends to start enforcing the tax in 2023, following the adoption of the necessary legislation that has been proposed for public consultation.

June 24th 2022: A new Bitcoin Payment add in the Payment Proof page,An investor from Finland got 10.72 BTC on One Hour HYIP, she only invested 0.3573 BTC and got 10.72 BTC an hour later.

June 21th 2022: The FTX Stocks platform has been in beta testing for select U.S. users since May, but the firm reported it would be available to all domestic customers sometime in the summer.

June 20th 2022: Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof,CoinsPaid, an Estonia-based crypto payment processor, today announced that it has raised its capital reserves to 5 million euros.

June 19th 2022: Because the BTC price dropped to 20000$, Bitcoin 100X Multiplier minimum investment amount was increased to 0.005 BTC.

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June 13th 2022: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin has been bleeding for the last 48 hours. The wider crypto industry has been struggling to get over the immense choppiness.

June 12th 2022: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.Moneygram, a US-based payments and remittance company, has announced the integration of USDC, a dollar-pegged stablecoin, as a settlement asset for its cash-to-crypto and crypto-to-cash program.

June 11th 2022: American Express (Amex) and cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet provider Abra announced the upcoming launch of the Abra Crypto Card on the American Express network on Friday.

June 10th 2022: The payment service, which is powered by the Stellar blockchain, will enable USDC settlement with MoneyGram in “near-real-time.”

June 7th 2022: PayPal allowed users to transfer, send, and receive bitcoins from the platform to external exchanges and wallets.

June 3rd 2022: Pension Saving Investment have redesigned the investment plan to improve investor returns and shorten the investment period, which is more in the interest of investors, Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit is $50 or 0.002 btc now.

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May 30th 2022: Turkey is reportedly drafting crypto legislation to be submitted to parliament in the coming weeks. The bill may also impose taxes on some crypto transactions.

May 27th 2022: Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will assist the government of Kazakhstan in efforts to regulate the country’s crypto space. The global coin trading platform will also help with the integration of the domestic banking system with the expanding digital assets market.

May 26th 2022: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,The Central African Republic (CAR) has mentioned plans of setting up a crypto hub recently.

May 25th 2022: An investor from San Marino deposited 0.07 BTC to Bitcoin Times investment program and now he got 7 BTC payment in return a day later.

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May 22th 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in 60er Investment's Payment Proof page, A Manchester investor was paid 0.969 BTC ,congratulate the Manchester City football team on winning the Premier League.

May 19th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin ,Robinhood to Compete Against Coinbase With Launch of New Crypto and NFT Wallet.

May 18th 2022: 10x Bitcoin plan to carry out exchange business in the near future, involving exchanges between PERFECT MONEY , PAYEER , BTC, ETH, USDT, which can already be exchanged offline. It is currently the reward period. All exchanges will not charge any fees, and will give an extra 2% reward , the minimum exchange amount is $100.

May 15th 2022: Famed value investor and fund manager Bill Miller says he has “a lot” of bitcoin and has not sold any despite the recent crypto sell-off. He insisted that investors should put some of their liquid net worth in the cryptocurrency.

May 14th 2022: In a move that will see South Korea become even more crypto-friendly, President Yoon has announced his intention to establish a new regulatory framework for the crypto industry by 2024.One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 10th 2022: Bitcoin Stock min deposit raised from 0.002 btc to 0.005 btc. Delivering the Queen’s Speech, Prince Charles outlines the British government’s plans to support the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies and create “powers to more quickly and easily seize and recover crypto assets.”

May 9th 2022: One Hour HYIP min deposit raised to 0.01 btc and Acheter Bitcoin Online min deposit is 0.004 btc now,Because the price of BTC has plummeted, many BTC investment sites have raised the minimum investment amount.

May 6th 2022: Since the BTC price has dropped by $5000 and is close to $35000, One Hour BTC Doubler minimum investment amount has been increased to 0.01 BTC

May 4th 2022: As the race to list Australia’s first crypto NFT heats up, pro-crypto Senator Andrew Bragg asked regulators to first approve applications from local investment managers. In a letter to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Bragg said that while he isn’t specifically against foreign competition, he favors the first crypto ETF to list in,Bitcoin Times's Payment Proof page add a new payment proof.

May 1st 2022: Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has reportedly offered its first-ever loan backed by cryptocurrency. The cash loan was collateralized by bitcoin owned by the borrower. A spokesperson for Goldman Sachs explained that the deal is interesting to the investment bank due to its structure and 24-hour risk management.

April 27th 2022: Bitcoin Suisse Club Return 50X in 5 Hours Min 0.005 btc, Pay 0.01 btc return 0.5 bitcoins in 5 hours,Profit payouts are automatically paid after 5 hours, you do not need to do anything. There may be some delay when profit arrives at your wallet because of network confirmations (that could take up to 20 minutes).

April 26th 2022: Amazon has come up with some pretty disappointing news for crypto fans. The company seems to have come and gone through time when it comes to accepting cryptocurrency payments, and now it looks like the company is not ready to move in that direction.A new Bitcoin payment proof added,Abu Dhabi Bitcoin will invest $2.5 Millions in the cryptocurrency sports betting industry on May 2022.

April 23th 2022: The Best Bitcoin Investment Monitor Sites,Here is where investors can find the best BTC investment sites on 2022 Year.

April 21th 2022: The Dallas Cowboys football team has carved out a crypto-based partnership with, one of the oldest and most trusted digital currency platforms in the world. The Dallas Cowboys Have Become the First Crypto-Sponsored NFL Team.

April 18th 2022: Bitcoin Qatar Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 16th 2022: MetaWin launches ‘MetaWheel’, A Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed NFT casino game and plans to give away $5 Million in NFT prizes.

April 13th 2022: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, Pay $200 , Return $10600 after 48 hours.

April 10th 2022: Miami has long been one of the friendliest regions to BTC and cryptocurrency. Not long ago, the mayor of Miami – Francis Suarez – became one of the first politicians to accept his paychecks in bitcoin.

April 3rd 2022: Citi is the latest banking behemoth to give an optimistic forecast for the metaverse, which envisions the internet’s future as a collection of decentralized technology and virtual environments.

March 31st 2022: Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 31st March, 2022, / Oraichain, a leading Artificial Intelligence-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem supplier, today announced the official launch of OraiDEX, Guaranteed Profit Investment add a btc proof.

March 29th 2022: Qatar Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 27th 2022: The Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulatory package has cleared another potential hurdle this week and is moving to the next stage of the EU legislative process. Proponents of the controversial text banning proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies, which was recently removed from the draft, did not take the opportunity to block progress on the draft.

March 24th 2022: New Bitcoin Payment Added on today and some old proofs were deleted by One Hour HYIP.

March 21th 2022: Indian crypto tax policy became even more complicated just a week before the new tax laws are set to come into effect. A new parliamentary note answering queries about the new tax policies on virtual digital asset (VDA) suggest that traders can’t offset their losses from one digital asset against profit on another.

March 18th 2022: US-based cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase is adding a new feature to the cryptocurrency wallet browser extension that simplifies access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) markets. Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 16th 2022: New HYIP program: Bitcoin 100X Multiplier lunched today,All you have to do is decide how much BTC you want to invest and how long you want wait for the return on investment.

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March 11th 2022: Multiply Your Bitcoin Every Day,Trading and investment is the best way to multiply your Bitcoin.

March 5th 2022: FC Barcelona, ??the football club with a huge following in Spain and Europe, has revealed its plans to capitalize on the rise of the metaverse and NFTs in the cryptocurrency market. Joan Laporta, president of the club, explained how it intends to occupy all these markets to attract more fans from all over the world.

March 4th 2022: One Hour HYIP add a new perfect money payment proof,Face Pay Inc., a company seeking to help credit card companies avoid or eliminate third-party fees, has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency known as Face Pay Crypto.

March 2nd 2022: Ripple (XRP) price today’s current price action indicates indecision among investors. XRP is trading in a very tight range of $0.76-$0.78. It appears that the asset is waiting for a confirmation to set further directional bets.

February 28th 2022: Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof,Crypto mutual funds saw a considerable increase in inflows over the past week, indicating that institutional investors were still gaining exposure to digital assets despite extreme market volatility.

February 23th 2022: Doha Investment is a foremost non-bank finance company offering first class investment plan, Financial Advisory, Corporate Finance and Wealth Management services to private clients, institutional investors and the clients of financial advisers.

February 21th 2022: Mastercard is expanding its crypto department. The credit card giant announced early in the week that it’s looking to help companies around the world better understand the growing digital currency industry and will hire as many as 500 individuals in the coming year to facilitate its ongoing crypto projects.

February 13th 2022: Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 10th 2022: The bitcoin payment processor OpenNode just announced the close of a $20 million Series A funding round led by Twitter, UK-based Kingsway, venture investor Tim Draper, and Avon Ventures. The company now valued at $220 million focuses on building Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments infrastructure.

February 8th 2022: Cryptocurrency Tax: Venezuelans Will Face a 20% Tax on Cryptocurrency Transactions,Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 7th 2022: Best DeFi Tokens To Buy As Crypto Fix Begins To Wind Down In February,DeFi is one of the most promising areas of the blockchain economy and will develop excellent long-term value.

February 5th 2022: Leading US-based digital asset exchange Coinbase is teaming up with a popular tax filing program to turn income tax refunds into cryptocurrency.

February 2nd 2022: Bitcoin Mutual Fund is the best cryptocurrency investment fund on 2021 year, Bitcoin Stock add an investment news.

January 31st 2022: Happy Chinese New Year to all chinese investors.What can Crypto do for the world?

January 29th 2022: Lebron James will launch an education program on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we add a Bitcoin Payment Proof, Check Here.

January 21th 2022: The Biggest Crypto Scams of 2021 and How to Avoid Them in 2022.

January 16th 2022: To better return investors, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin have increased ROI in 2022 yeaer! If you invest $100 , You will receive $3100 after 24 hours.

January 15th 2022: Pension Coin create a new page for payment proofs.The Kingdom of Tonga may adopt bitcoin as legal tender, according to a former member of Tonga’s parliament, Lord Fusitu’a, who tweeted about a possible timeline for this event to take place. Fusitu’a believes that next autumn the Tongan parliament will pass a bill and Bitcoin could be legal tender in the region in November.

January 12th 2022: NBA Players Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala Will Be Paid in Bitcoin,Earn Bitcoin Easy.

January 10th 2022: Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 8th 2022: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bloomberg initially reported that PayPal is looking into the possibility of launching its own stablecoin. The stablecoin details were accidentally spotted on the company’s iPhone by developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg. The hidden code and pictures revealed details of a “PayPal currency”.

January 5th 2022: Qatar Bitcoin Investment Investment introduces this unique blend financial and investment products and serves via specialist work teams of high-caliber professionals in the various disciplines.

January 3rd 2022: The best cryptocurrencies to buy for your retirement life.

January 1st 2022: Happy New Year!

December 28th 2021: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 27th 2021: The advice of Mexico’s third-richest billionaire: invest in Bitcoin, stay away from dollars, euros.

December 24th 2021: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 19th 2021: Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 18th 2021: Wealth manager Vaneck announced that he has expanded his exchange-traded note (ETN) offerings to support the polygon and the flood of tokens. The two ETNs follow five previously launched funds in Europe that allow investors to gain exposure to key digital assets.

December 16th 2021: Tesla to Accept Dogecoin For Payments,60erInvestments uses cryptocurrency to purchase three Tesla Model X and presents them to our lucky members. The lucky members will be drawn out on January 1, 2022. All investors have a chance to win the prize who invested on 2021 year.

December 11th 2021: Bitcoin Stock will give away $50,000 in rewards to our 5 lucky winners this Christmas. Each member is $10,000. All members who have invested in our website from December 10 to December 25 It is possible to become lucky. We will draw 5 lucky winners on December 26 and announce the lucky winners on the website. The bonus will be sent to the investor's cryptocurrency wallet.

December 9th 2021: Crypto Exchange Bit Mart hacked; Almost $ 200 million reported lost,One Hour HYIP spent $20,000 to upgrade the wallet, which can better protect our cryptocurrency wallet today.

December 7th 2021: 13x Bitcoin update the program's stats.Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini will soon offer frictionless bitcoin trading in Colombia to clients of the country’s largest bank, Bancolombia, the company said in a statement Monday.

December 4th 2021: BTCBROS add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 30th 2021: A new bitcoin payment added in Bitcoin7's payment proof page, An Investor deposited 0.006 btc and got 0.42 btc payment and 0.01 btc bonus , Total received 0.43 btc payment.

November 27th 2021: Conting Investment offer is a short-term, reliable, and secure Investment Institute run by a group of investment professionals who put in their knowledge and idea together to earn extra income from investment and for better future and better income without you having to work hard.

November 24th 2021: Doha Investment news: Our Payment Proof page add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 22th 2021: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier has successfully operated for the 3rd anniversary and currently has 1,000 members. Cryptocurrency is the future development trend. We will give all new members a reward of 0.003 BTC When they invest for the first time, this activity will last until December 31, 2021.

November 17th 2021: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, Coinbase, the US-based digital asset exchange, is expanding support for five Ethereum-based altcoins in its trading ecosystem.

November 11th 2021: 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 8th 2021: United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has rolled out a new standalone browser extension for its Coinbase Wallet, giving users the ability to more easily access thousands of digital assets on decentralized exchanges, commonly known as DEXs.

November 5th 2021: Bitcoin Stock and 60er Investment were accept Tether USDT deposit, min is $100 USDT.

October 31st 2021: New Program lunched : Pension Coin.

October 27th 2021: 60er Investment spent US$20,000 to purchase 10 million insurance. If our BTC wallet is stolen, we will receive 10 million US dollars in compensation. Investors can invest in us with confidence.

October 24th 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, In Argentina, several companies accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptocurrencies, 10x Bitcoin plan to accept DOGE COIN deposit.

October 22th 2021: 13x Bitcoin updated investors' stats.

October 19th 2021: Coinbase has a new endorsement agreement with the NBA, making it the official cryptocurrency platform for the sports franchise. CNBC said yesterday that the encryption platform intends to expand its reach and that the sports league will provide the necessary exposure.

October 15th 2021: Pension fund platforms have recently shown interest in crypto-tokens. This is undoubtedly a significant achievement for cryptocurrencies, especially its viability as a long-term investment tool. This is mainly due to the fact that these “conservative” platforms have many rules, regulations and procedures to follow. Therefore, pension funds that are considering investing in cryptography are a big problem.

October 10th 2021: The Animoca Brands-backed Warena project has announced a partnership with the Illuvium project to achieve cross-metaverse compatibility via a 2-phased approach. The partnership will allow cross-chain compatibility across gaming platforms.

October 7th 2021: A new bitcoin payment added in Bitcoin Times's Payment Proof page,Invested 0.0056 btc received 0.56 btc after 24 hours.

October 6th 2021: Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 2nd 2021: Coinbase claims malicious actors stole crypto from at least 6,000 merchants this year.

September 28th 2021: Cryp100x add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 26th 2021: China declaring all crypto transactions illegal sent shockwaves through Asia’s fintech market. It adversely impacted Hong Kong as well; not just crypto exchanges, but firms and stocks related to crypto were also feeling the bite.

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September 19th 2021: The country had bought 400 BTC in anticipation of the implementation of its Bitcoin law.El Salvador took advantage of the downward trend in Bitcoin price to increase its holdings of BTC, President Nayib Bukele tweeted on Monday morning.

September 17th 2021: One of the African continent’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Luno, has told its Nigerian users that it is “in the process of reinstating deposit and withdrawal functions on our platform.” According to an email that was sent to Nigerian users, this reinstatement is expected to happen “in the coming weeks.”

September 15th 2021: One Hour HYIP pay $1500 for $100 deposited, Bitcoin adoption in Africa grows 1,200% in one year.

September 11th 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin use a new bitcoin address, Bitcoin Times add an investment news.

September 8th 2021: Bitcoin Financial Freedom provide full disclosure of our operations, you can watch the progress of your funds from within your account. Unlike others, we allow the investor to stay in full control over funds.

September 5th 2021: Real BTC reduced min deposit from 0.004 btc to 0.003 btc, The financial administration in Slovenia offers a special tax of 10% on crypto income.

September 3rd 2021: Bitcoin 77x ranked #5 in our Top 10 HYIPs.

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August 28th 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 25th 2021: Recent research reveals that US cryptocurrency investors have an average allocation of $1,107 in digital assets. About 37% of the investors confessed non-liquidation of their crypto holdings even for important bills or other payments.Get Bitcoin Fast.

August 22th 2021: Pension Saving Investment Plan Lunched a BTC Special Plan : Invest 0.01 BTC Return 1.5 BTC after 5 days.

August 19th 2021: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a bitcoin payment proof.

August 16th 2021: In order to encourage investors to invest in ETH, 10xbtc send a bonus of 0.05 ETH to the first 10 ETH investors everyday, and a total of 0.5 ETH bonus is sent everyday.

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July 31st 2021: Bitcoin Times pay 0.001 btc return 0.1 btc after 24 hours,The hedge fund Goldentree, a firm with $41 billion in assets under management (AUM) has reportedly added the leading crypto asset bitcoin to its balance sheet. Unnamed sources detail that the American asset management firm leveraged bitcoin to diversify from traditional debt investment strategies.

July 24th 2021: BTC Bros reduced min deposit from 0.03 btc to 0.01 btc, Paid 0.01 btc for 1 btc in 6 hours.

July 21th 2021: Dogecoin becomes the 7th cryptocurrency accepted on Coinbase Commerce.Coinbase Commerce, the e-commerce arm of the United States-based crypto exchange, has added support for Dogecoin payments.

July 19th 2021: Bitcoin 100x in 4 hours plan to accept Dogecoin deposit on the next month.

July 11th 2021: Bitcoin7 add a 7 bitcoins payment proof.

July 8th 2021: Acrylic – a company based in Brooklyn, New York – has garnered approximately $55 million through a new funding round. The event was led by leading blockchain firms such as Accolade Partners.

July 4th 2021: Bitcoin Stock currently accepts ETH, BITCOIN CASH investment, the minimum investment is 0.1 ETH and 0.05 BITCOIN CASH. If investors have investment intentions, please contact us by email.

June 27th 2021: The priority of Bitcoin Multiplier is achieving the highest return from the activity on the foreign currency exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency exchange markets. If you like the idea of starting online trades in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin Multiplier will be your best investment carrier which will work without sleep or exhaustion to ensure proper care and outstanding revenue to each of our investors.

June 24th 2021: Bitcoin of America Makes It Big: The Team Behind One of the Largest Bitcoin ATM Operators Worldwide, Real BTC min deposit is 0.004 btc now.

June 20th 2021: After six months of testing, this Switzerland bank is set to offer Bitcoin trading and custody services to its clients.

June 16th 2021: South Korean Crypto Exchanges Not Allowed To Handle Self-Issued Coins,Doha Investment add a btc payment proof.

June 13th 2021: Having a valuation of over $85 billion, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) is expanding its operations to New York. The cryptocurrency and digital assets company has primarily been operating from San Fransisco. But now Coinbase is planning to extend operations to other viable states, New York being its main focus.Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 11th 2021: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new payment proof,Multiply Your Bitcoins in 4 hours.

June 9th 2021: Mexico to propose legal framework for cryptocurrencies.

June 7th 2021: One Hour HYIP add a new perfect money payment proof.

June 6th 2021: CoinShares lists physically-backed crypto ETPs on German exchange, Bitcoin Times increase min deposit to 0.005 btc.

June 4th 2021: Bitcoin Stock raised min deposit to 0.003 btc for bitcoin investors.

June 2nd 2021: Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 23th 2021: African-Founded Crypto Exchange Quidax Raises Over $3 Million in Token Sale.

May 19th 2021: Full Aggregation Protocol OpenOcean Launches Multi-language Support – Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

May 12th 2021: One Hour HYIP return 1500% of your Investment after one hour.

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April 29th 2021: Coinbase Now Allows Millions of Customers to Buy Cryptocurrencies With Paypal.

April 27th 2021: Hips and The Payment House partner to allow payment for taxis with crypto in Scandinavia and UK.

April 25th 2021: The 5-star program Doha Investment add a new perfefct money proof, an investor invested $1,000 2 days ago and received $58,000 today.

April 20th 2021: Nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or holding them soon, according to a new survey.

April 17th 2021: With Coinbase listed in Nasdaq, they have become one of the biggest financial companies. BTC prices have broken through 60,000 US dollars, which is a thriving market. We need brave investment to encrypt the currency market, and Our company BTC stock is your best choice.

April 8th 2021: Meitu Crypto Holding Reaches $100 Million after Latest Bitcoin Purchase.

April 5th 2021: Microstrategy adds $15 million of Bitcoin to its BTC stash.Prominent Crypto Analyst Says XRP To Reclaim Top 3 Spot After Major Bullish Breakout,60er Investment will buy 10 million U.S. dollars of XRP as a reserve in this week.

March 31st 2021: Coin BTC was closed.

March 26th 2021: As the CBDC developments catch pace worldwide, the Bank of Japan is making its own moves. On Friday, March 26, the Japanese central bank said that it will start the feasibility study and test of its own CBDC – Digital Yen – starting next month.

March 24th 2021: Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that customers could now pay for their electric cars in bitcoins (BTC), and the company doesn’t intend to convert the BTC to cash.

March 18th 2021: Acheter Bitcoin Online min deposit reduced from 0.01 btc to 0.002 btc today, That is a good bitcoin multiply program which only running for 3 months,They have a lot of praise and reputation.

March 15th 2021: 1xBit Adds New Crypto to the List – Be Ready to Gamble Cardano.

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February 28th 2021: The new month has come. Because of the increase in investors, they come from all over the world. Bitcoin7 currently need to recruit several customer service staff, namely Spanish customer service, French customer service, and German customer service. If you have any intentions, you can send information Send to our mailbox:

February 25th 2021: Bitcoin Bros added a new bitcoin payment proof on their site.

February 21th 2021: The first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) to receive regulatory approval in North America has already demonstrated the market’s huge appetite for such a product.

February 17th 2021: Bitcoin7 has been ranked first in our ranking for two months. This is currently the most stable and best investment project. BTC is currently the most valuable asset. If you want your assets to grow rapidly in 2021 year, bitcoin7 is the best select.

February 12th 2021: Get Bitcoin Fast was ranked #8 in our Top 10 HYIPs List today.

February 8th 2021: 10xbtc min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc.

February 5th 2021: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is actively working on a digital currency and will make a decision “very soon,” the central bank has reportedly confirmed. Meanwhile, payments giant Paypal is shutting down its payment services within India.

February 2nd 2021: After 2 months of investigation, Bitcoin 100x in 4 Hours has a good reputation. We have included them in our TOP 10 HYIPS, temporarily ranking sixth.

January 31st 2021: Private equity firm LIAN Group has further demonstrated its commitment to developing and investing in disruptive technologies by announcing a $12m (USD) injection to upgrade a blockchain datacenter in Canada.

January 26th 2021: Bitcoin Supply Chain suggests safe investments due to contingency fund, which supports the company's assets to the line with the commitments and is ready to cover all losses or expenses in the case of unsuccessful launch of the project or the occurrence of any force majeure.

January 24th 2021: Real BTC min deposit is 0.002 btc ,Pay 0.002 btc return 0.2 btc after 24 hours.

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January 13th 2021: Doha Investment deposited $1000 and Got $58000 perfect money in 2 days. Swiss stock exchange SIX has revealed the listing of a new Bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP) from financial firm ETC Group.

July 20th 2024: Bitcoin Stock min deposit is $50 and 0.003 btc, Investors can pay $50 perfect money and receive $2900 after 48 hours.

January 1st 2021: Happy New Year! Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russell Okung said he has been paid in bitcoin after asking to be paid in the cryptocurrency for almost two years. The Panthers is reportedly diverting half of his $13 million salary to the Strike wallet, which converts the payment into bitcoin for Okung.

December 28th 2020: India Mulls Imposing 18% Tax on Bitcoin Transactions.

December 26th 2020: Bitcoin Bros paid 200 BTC to an investor, You can check their payment proof page.

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December 11th 2020: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 8th 2020: Many investors are leaving gold markets for crypto assets,According to recent research, investors are withdrawing funds from gold investments and directing them into the crypto sector.Because the price of BTC continues to rise, the price of BTC is already close to US$20,000, Bitcoin 7 have reduced the maximum investment amount from 10 btc to 3 BTC.

December 6th 2020: A German bank that has been operating since 1796 has announced a new way for professional and semi-professional investors to invest in leading crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum.

December 3rd 2020: Bitcoin Stock News: Christmas is coming soon, we will select 5 lucky investors from all the investors in December, and each will send a bonus of 0.05 BTC. We will have one day off on December 25, and all payments will be delayed by one day.

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November 21th 2020: 10x Bitcoin min deposit reduced from 0.02 btc to 0.01 btc.Could Bitcoin be adopted by Google and Facebook in the future?

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November 8th 2020: As PayPal integration looms, Paxos CEO sees mass adoption for tokenized assets.

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October 12th 2020: Abu Dhabi Co. is one of the leading investment services providers with operations across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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October 3rd 2020: COVID-19, Trump, KuCoin, BitMEX: Bitcoin price says keep calm and carry on,Bitcoin (BTC) price appears on the verge of closing another week pinned below the $11,000 resistance but given the major events of the week, things could have been so much worse.

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September 22th 2020: Rank#2 Program: 60er Investment min deposit were changed, Please check their investment news page.

September 21th 2020: Kraken, the San Fransisco-based digital assets exchange, says it will soon relaunch its services in Japan after shuttering its doors in the country for two years.

September 19th 2020: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 17th 2020: 60er Investment use a new bitcoin address for accept deposit from investors,Please check our deposit page before invest. German music label firm Kompakt now accepts Bitcoin, ETH via Utrust gateway.

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August 8th 2020: Rank1's program "Fast Return Investment" add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site.

July 26th 2020: 55 Italian Banks Now Using Corda Blockchain for Interbank Data Transfers.

July 21th 2020: BTC Qatar sent 3 bitcoins into a Nigerian investor' bitcoin wallet.

July 16th 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain and Bitcoin Financial Freedom were add new bitcoin payment proof.

July 13th 2020: Crypto Scams Reach New Heights in 2020 With $24M Stolen So Far.

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July 7th 2020: Goldman Sachs, responsible for much of the U.S. and global economy, has only a $ 67 billion market cap.Snapchat, which is responsible for wasting teenagers' time without money, has a market cap of $ 33 billion.Ethereum is responsible for giving you literally free money for flash loans if you know how solid $ 25 billion solidity is.

July 4th 2020: Biggest Corporations Sceptical of Introducing Crypto Payment Option.

July 1st 2020: Futures Contracts As The Most Popular Investment Tool In 2020.

June 29th 2020: DeFi Protocol Balancer Exploited, Loses Over $500k to Hackers.

June 26th 2020: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Propel Humanity 20 Years Ahead in Tech.

June 24th 2020: Bitcoin Miners Sell Down Latest Rally, What Happened To Post-Halving Hold?

June 22th 2020: The Rank #4 program "Abu Dhabi Bitcoin" add a new bitcoin payment proof today.

June 18th 2020: Bitcoin has seen a 5% gain today to $9,500 amid a brewing standoff in the pacific following increased tensions between China and America. North Korea has blown up within its... Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment.

June 13th 2020: Insta forex Investment add a new bitcoin payment on their site.

June 10th 2020: Siberia could be a gold mine for Bitcoin miners.

June 8th 2020: Coinbase experienced a brief outage on Monday, June 1st. While we were able to quickly restore service, here is a deeper look at what went wrong, how we fixed it, and how we’re improving our processes to better serve our customers.

June 5th 2020: Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Bitcoin Trading in Russia.

June 3rd 2020: Coinbase Repeats Pattern of Shutting Down When Bitcoin Gets Volatile.

June 1st 2020: Swiss private bank Maerki Baumann deepens crypto push by adding crypto custody and trading services.Maerki Baumann, an unlisted family-owned bank in Switzerland, is expanding its cryptocurrency services by introducing crypto custody and trading.

May 30th 2020: Multiply Your Bitcoin 40X in just 4 hours!China’s First Civil Code Allows Citizens to Inherit Cryptocurrency

May 27th 2020: Russia’s biggest bank is spending more than $100 million on 5,000 blockchain enabled ATMs ... that are capable of mining cryptocurrency.Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has called for tenders to provide 4,917 ATMs with a built-in graphic card capable of supporting “blockchain operations”.

May 22th 2020: Crypto Anniversary: 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) That Bought Two Pizzas in 2010 Now Worth $90,000,000.

May 20th 2020: U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase has announced it will transition to a “remote-first” workplace after the pandemic lockdown is over in an effort to guard against location-centric risks and to improve decentralization.

May 18th 2020: Go Safe Investment is a group of tradesmen, brokers and profiteers, who thanks to their experience are able to guarantee you your financial success. Members of our team are spread all over the world, including both Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. We can assure you that you will gain profit through our reliable methods. Our strategy is to invest large amounts of money, mainly into Forex platform and foreign exchange and resources market, what allows us to give you such a profitable financial offer. In Stock Capital Inc we are constantly trying to make payment procedures easier and safer. You do not need to register and waste time on filling long and complicated forms. Our solutions are carefully thought out, what allows you to invest money in just a few clicks.

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May 12th 2020: Bitcoin futures contracts allow traders to take advantage of the price movement of Bitcoin without necessarily having to own and hold the exact amount of it. They are a derivative product that gained serious popularity in the past years. Traders often use Bitcoin futures open interest as an indicator to confirm trends and trend reversals for both the futures.

May 8th 2020: Bitcoin Can Still Endure Post-Halving Drops, Bitcoin Analysts Warn.

May 3rd 2020: Bitcoin Stock min deposit reduced to $50, It is the good investment news for small investors. Guaranteed Profit Investment will close the first plan soon and raise the min deposit to $3000.

May 1st 2020: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new $30,000 perfect money payment proof on their site.

April 27th 2020: The Tokyo-based crypto exchange FXcoin is gearing up to launch a remittance pilot based on the crypto asset XRP.

April 24th 2020: 60er Investment is the best investment program for small investors,If you are a new investor, You can choose 60er Investment.

April 22th 2020: Bitcoin Money Flow and Futures Volume Signals Intense Volatility is Imminent.

April 20th 2020: Bitcoin ATMs have come a long way in society. Many have expanded across the United States and abroad, giving more people the opportunity to potentially use crypto for the purchase of goods and services. While many people in the U.S. are stuck inside their homes and unable to move about much due to social distancing regulations, many ATM companies are reporting increases in transactions through their bitcoin machines.

April 17th 2020: Bitcoin Miner Braves Pandemic Amid Partial Relocation to New York.

April 15th 2020: Atomics Loans, a startup that allows users to deposit bitcoin and take out DAI and USDC loans, has raised a $2.45 million seed round led by Initialized Capital.

April 12th 2020: Coronavirus And Bitcoin Halving Effects Are The Least Of BTC’s Worries In 2020.

April 10th 2020: Canadian investment fund manager 3iQ has launched its Bitcoin Fund, now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The regulated cryptocurrency fund, first presented to the Ontario Securities Commission Panel last year, offers retail investors exposure to Bitcoin within their registered and traditional investment accounts.

April 7th 2020: BitcoinSV’s Social Platform Twetch Streamlines P2P Payments.

April 6th 2020: South Korea: Central Bank Launches Pilot Program for Digital Won.

April 3rd 2020: Bitcoin Futures Traders Flipping to Bullish Bias, but Weary of ‘Ugly’ Daily Close.

March 29 2020: Bitcoin’s Open Interest and Money Flow Suggests a Strong Pump is Imminent.

March 26 2020: Report: Crypto Investment Wealth Is Highest in San Francisco Bay Area.

March 23 2020: Crypto Retirement add in our Top 10 HYIPs and was ranked 8#.

March 20 2020: 60er Investment add a payment proof page.

March 18 2020: Coinbase Competitor Becomes First Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange to Offer Visa Card in the US.

March 15 2020: Coinbase Launches BTC Transaction Batching, Saving Users 50% on Fees.

March 13 2020: Bank of England Doubles Down on Digital Currency Plans.

March 11 2020: Blockchain Africa Forges Ahead Despite Coronavirus Concerns.

March 08 2020: 60er Investment min deposit is $50 now , It is the good news for small investors.

March 07 2020: The French court decides that Bitcoin is legal money.

March 03 2020: Australia suffers from too many BTC scams.

Februray 29 2020: Dublin: Trinity College Research Finds Brave (BAT) “By Far” the Most Private Browser.

Februray 27 2020: South Korea: 3 More Financial Institutions Tap RippleNet for Remittances.

Februray 24 2020: Ripple (XRP) gets listed on crypto exchange Luno.


Februray 19 2020: A new hyip program " Crypto Retirement" is opening, Looks like a long term investment program.

Februray 16 2020: Crypto Games, a Market in the Making of Its Own Fortune.

Februray 12 2020: Bitcoin’s Pre-Halving Rally Could Extend as Far as $20,000, Claims Top Analyst.

Februray 09 2020: Rebirth Investment Property 25% daily for 200 days, Up to 16000% in 200 days.

Februray 05 2020: OKEx, Binance, or BitMEX – How to Select the Proper Exchange to Trade Your Crypto Derivatives?

Februray 02 2020: In order to ensure the interests of our investors, we have decided to launch an investment insurance plan in the near future. We will ensure the safety of client funds. Anyone who invests in the project through our website will repay the lost amount once the principal has been lost.We will launch the details later, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

January 31 2020: Doha Investment was removed from our site, Contingent Investment added.


January 23 2020: Bitcoin ETF still possible but Grayscale may get first nod.

January 20 2020: How To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Business In South Africa?

January 14 2020: NBA Player Promises to Give All of His Teammates Bitcoin (BTC) If His Ethereum-Based Bond Is Approved.

January 09 2020: Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Battles Descending Channel Resistance, is $7,800 tenable?

January 06 2020: $100 Billions in Bitcoin Hasn’t Moved in Over 1 Year, And Its Bullish.

January 01 2020: Bitcoin’s 9.5 years of existence probably equal to 50.8 years of stock trading.

December 31 2019: Happy New Year for 2020 year!

December 26 2019: Binance allows buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and BNB via Visa card binding.

December 24 2019: Merry Chirstmas! Happy New Year for 2020!

December 20 2019: Bitcoins Gains Come Just In Time For Christmas!

December 15 2019: What You Should Know About Bitcoins Hash Rate.



December 05 2019: Crypto Exchange UpBit’s Operator Launches Custody Service with Ledger.

November 30 2019: Bitcoin trading to USDT soars by 36%; Coinbase trade volume drops.

November 28 2019: Canadian Investment Firm 3iQ Files Prospectus for Bitcoin Fund.

November 25 2019: Bitcoin Price has continued its cataclysmic November, with price dropping further overnight to levels not seen since this May. Although it is little consolation, it never hurts to examine potential reasons following a crash.

November 22 2019: Global Debt Reaches New Highs — Is BTC a Solution or a Beneficiary?

November 19 2019: Crypto Market Dives $40 Billion In Nov, More Losses Likely: BNB, BCH, LTC, EOS Analysis.

November 12 2019: Instagram Stories’ New Reels Feature Similar to TikTok is Already Available in Brazil.

November 08 2019: 13X BTC was removed from our site, the 60er Investment ranked 2 in our site.

November 03 2019: A new HYIP 60er Investment lunched, looks good.

October 31 2019: Italians Opt for Bitcoin in E-Commerce With Shoppers Gearing Up for Crazy Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

October 23 2019: Singapore’s Pragmatic Approach to Cryptocurrency is Drawing Business to the Country.

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October 08 2019: High Interest Rates on Cryptocurrency Loans are not Sustainable.

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October 04 2019: The Bitpay card is the leading product of its kind in the U.S. and in fact one of the few remaining options for American crypto users after alternatives like Shift became unavailable.

September 29 2019: 7 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin, Picked by 6 Crypto Experts.


September 20 2019: Raging Bull Bitcoin Has a Crypto Plan for Canada and the World.

September 15 2019: Binance's First Strategic Investment in China + 11 More Crypto Briefs.

September 11 2019: U.S.-based major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase may reportedly announce its plans regarding own initial exchange offering (IEO) platform in the next few months, while security token offerings are also in their radar.

September 09 2019: Huobi Confirms That USD 1B Transaction Did Not Include Their Own BTC.

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August 18 2019: What to Do if You Just Got a Crypto Tax Letter from the IRS.

August 14 2019: Canada Goose Falls as Guidance Is Unchanged Amid Revenue Surge.

August 09 2019: Why do Crypto-Related Surveys in the U.S. Paint Different Pictures?

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July 28 2019: How to Invest in IEO: a Step-by-Step Guide.

July 23 2019: Bitcoin Family Starts their New World Tour.

July 19 2019: The Japanese government is reportedly spearheading an international initiative to create a “network for cryptocurrency payments, similar to the SWIFT network used by banks” – in conjunction with the country’s top regulator and the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force.

July 16 2019: Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin unveiled Tuesday that it has listed chiliZ (CHZ), a new blockchain project focused on tokenizing both the esports and traditional sports industries.

July 10 2019: Money Laundering Scandals Bring Court Charges and Record Job Cuts to Euro Banks.

July 08 2019: City of Dublin Ohio to Launch Bitcoin Cash-Based SLP Token.

July 01 2019: Binance and BitMEX Fuel Competition in Crypto Derivatives Market.

June 28 2019: How to Pay Employees or Get Paid With Bitcoin.

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June 14 2019: Elizabeth Warren to introduce bill cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt for most borrowers.

June 08 2019: Electron Cash Users Can Now Send Bitcoin Cash to Mobile Phones.

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April 8th 2019: Chinese Crypto Investors Return Strongly In Bitcoin: Did They Cause BTC Surge?

April 5th 2019: 7Eleven Launches IEO on LAToken Exchange,7Eleven is a blockchain-based technology platform that is convenient for customer to buy and sell products that helps verifying transactions with high accuracy. The vision of project is a global payment application, based on connecting with all banks around the world.

April 2rd 2019: The Crypto Winter Has Ended as Bitcoin (BTC) Skyrockets Towards 5,000.

March 30th 2019: March Crypto Roundup: Solid Gains for Most – BNB, ADA, Tezos Pumped While XRP, Tron, BSV Dumped.

March 26th 2019: Silver Investment Capital add new bitcoin payment proof.

March 22th 2019: Cryptocurrency Exchange Surpasses $400 Million in Daily Trading Volume.

March 16th 2019: Valued At $1 Billion, Canaan Creative Is Encroaching on Bitmain’s Dominance.

March 9th 2019: P2P Markets: Russian Localbitcoins Trade Outpaces Venezuela.

March 7th 2019: UK Regulator: 3% of Consumers Surveyed Have Bought Cryptocurrency.

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March 3th 2019: Bitcoin Trades Flat Below $3,900 After BTC Forms First Green Monthly Candle Since July of 2018.

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February 24th 2019: Venezuelan Explains How Bitcoin Saves His Family.

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February 18th 2019: Indian Police Arrest 'Cashcoin' Gang Accused of Scamming Millions From Investors.

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February 8th 2019: These Exchanges Allow You to Trade Cryptocurrencies Without Knowing You.

February 4th 2019: 6 Popular Darknet Marketplaces That Accept Cryptocurrency,The P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies for goods and services began life on the darknet, whose underground markets are still thriving today. After connecting to the darknet using the Tor browser, cryptocurrency users can access a range of markets that accept BTC, BCH and other digital assets.

January 29th 2019: ProBit Korea platform will be opened for deposits. ProBit Korea is a Korean Won Fiat Exchange on which users can buy cryptocurrencies directly using Korean Won (KRW). The launch of this new exchange will complement ProBit Exchange – a global coin-to-coin exchange, and users who are already registered on the parent exchange will be able to conveniently move their assets between both the platforms.

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January 14th 2019: Danish tax authorities will soon be going after cryptocurrency traders in the country and beyond. The plan is to collect data from local bitcoin exchanges in order to verify if citizens who have traded digital assets have paid the right taxes. Information about foreign citizens and entities will be shared with other countries.

January 12th 2019: Several known crypto companies have been granted licenses to operate from Gibraltar since the British overseas territory adopted business-friendly regulations for the nascent industry. According to Gibraltar’s trade minister, Albert Isola, the government is now focused on creating a “supportive environment” for the sector.

January 8th 2019: Could Bitcoin Step in to Save the Wealth of those Impacted by the Yellow Vest Bank Run.

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December 19th 2018: Russian lawmakers have revised another bill regarding the regulation of the industry built around cryptocurrencies. In its latest version, the draft law on crowdfunding sets the maximum amount of money ordinary Russians will be permitted to invest in projects such as ICOs at less than $9,000 per year.

December 14th 2018: Zebpay, formerly one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched in Europe. Euro deposits, withdrawals, and trading are now live in 21 countries. While the exchange is not accepting new registrations from India, existing users can continue to use its wallet app.

December 5th 2018: Coinzoom Australia said Dec. 3 that it has been officially registered as a digital currency exchange with financial watchdog Austrac. The registration allows the exchange to operate legally according to Australian law. It will also function as a fiat-to-crypto exchange, with support for a variety of digital assets, including the buying and selling of BTC, BCH and XRP.

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